About Me

no nightlights smiling girl in red shirtHi! I’m Kyra Sutherland. Nope, not K-eye-ra. It’s K-ear-a. 🙂

I’m a BYU PR student who’s been writing since forever. Only recently did I discover that I could combine writing with design, and it changed my whole world! As a PR major, I’ve come to adore Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Creating visually appealing products has become a wonderful passion of mine.

Aside from school, my life is filled with being a wife, mom (!!!) and a wannabe blogger. I love to cook when I’m not pressured, read when I am pressured, and watch movies and eat ice cream in between. To learn more about me you can read some of my posts that focus more on tips and experiences I’ve felt I should share. Apparently, people like it when I’m writing about the things that matter most to me!

Below you’ll find my resume, writing samples, and some design projects. If you’re interested, I would love to work with you! My contact information is found at the top of my resume below, or you can simply email me at nonightlights@gmail.com.


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Writing Samples

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BestValueSchools.org – The 25 Best Online Colleges in Massachusetts
I wrote this article and many others like it during an internship in the middle of my senior year of college. I was responsible for research, writing quality content, and SEO optimization.

The Odyssey Online – To My Husband
I wrote this article while I was part of the BYU Odyssey Online chapter during my junior year of college. Of all the BYU articles posted that week, this article received the most shares.


Design Samples

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