Primary, Pickled Beans and Garlic Bread

Sunday brought two adventures for G and me that involved our lovely primary kids and some cooking fun with a couple of good friends.


Every Sunday I teach the 3-4 year olds at church. The sweet lady who usually teaches with me was recovering from surgery so I pulled G in to be my wing-man. We only had two kids (which made for the calmest lesson I’ve ever had), and the lesson was on being grateful for water! We had a blast talking about rivers, oceans, lakes, plants, showers, and everything else we could think of.

The moment that made my church experience, though, was when we broke out the crayons and the paper and started coloring pictures of boats and plants and raindrops. The little girl in our class took to it right away, but the little boy couldn’t be entertained by such a meaningless task as coloring raindrops. Instead, he asked me and G the name of every single crayon (since he can’t read the labels yet) and decided to try every different shade of blue on his paper, noting the differences. On top of being entertained by his curiosity, I was also amazed at how easily he shared with the little girl and with us. To parents everywhere, thank you for teaching your kids good values at home. It inspires parents-to-be like G and me. Now the question is this, how do you do it? 😀

Pickled Beans and Garlic Bread

Sunday evening we had some good friends come over for dinner and a game. Since this weekend was busy I just made spaghetti (gluten free noodles for G, of course) with some hamburger mixed with Barilla sauce (also gluten free) and garlic bread. At least, my attempted version at garlic bread. My mom has always made great garlic bread, so I naturally called her for directions. After we hung up G and I buttered the pieces of bread (gluten free for G), sprinkled them with garlic salt and threw them in the oven to broil for 30 seconds or so. Well, 20 seconds in I opened up the oven to see that the parchment paper had turned nearly black and was falling apart! Not wanting to start a fire, we quickly pulled it out and settled for barely-warm garlic bread instead of hot, crispy garlic bread. *shrugs* Lesson learned! Next time I’ll just throw the bread on the pan without the parchment paper.

Since it was a simple meal I told our friends that they didn’t need to bring anything (they offered). But when they arrived I was surprised to see Trevor with a jar of beans in his hands. Not just any green beans, though. PICKLED beans. I had never seen the like before, but I admit I was intrigued. Elisha thinks they’re gross (as one could safely assume based solely on sight and smell), but Trevor really likes them. G took one small bite of mine and called it quits, but I actually liked them! It tasted just like a pickle with a different texture. Hooray! Here’s to trying new things and being pleasantly surprised!

Have you had experience with other pickled food? Let me know your thoughts!

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