Sampling the Sutherlands: the Month with the Chicken Wings

October was great for our family because it helped us get out of our comfort zone. There were several moments last month that caught us by surprise.

The first unexpected moment happened at the beginning of October. I have truly found a love of cooking since I got married, but one thing I’d never tried, nor ever really intended to try, was barbecue chicken wings. The first time I went to the store this month I accidentally picked up eight pounds of chicken wings instead of chicken breasts. The way I found out? I opened the bag.

Whoops. That makes it unreturnable, huh.

Though in the moment I was kind of upset, I resigned myself to the fact that we would indeed have to try some gluten-free chicken wing recipes this month. As much as I would’ve liked to save them for a ward activity or something, we just didn’t have room in our freezer for that.

The second moment involved R. He cut his first two teeth this month, which I honestly wasn’t expecting. I feel like I’ve been looking at his gums for so long that it felt like that first tooth would never come. Unfortunately, I was totally unprepared.

I didn’t have those teething toys that you put in the fridge, I was almost out of infant Tylenol, and I hadn’t really looked into what I should expect from the whole ordeal. Whoops.

Luckily, a frozen washcloth and the last dose of Tylenol got us through the first day.

The third moment came at our ward’s chili/soup cookoff. Since G has Celiac disease I wanted to make something that he could actually eat. So I made a white chicken chili recipe that I honestly thought was pretty good. I wasn’t expecting it to come in fourth place overall! Yay!

It was a delicious surprise and offered a boost to my confidence.

In October I also (finally) finished my internship and accepted the job offer they gave me to work from home. I write articles for several websites that my boss owns. I enjoy it and it allows me to stay home with the kiddo. I’ve never worked from home before so we’re working out a schedule, but so far it’s been great!

And out of obligatory mention, we had one tricker treater on Halloween and didn’t dress up. Lame, I know. Next year for sure!



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