Sampling the Sutherlands: the Month My Son Discovered His Mom Hates Spiders

Spiders, white noise machines, and baby words made January a fun month for us!

So spiders. I’m not a big fan. R learned that his mom is NOT a big fan. At all. He doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, he doesn’t even know how scary spiders can be. He proved this by grabbing a spider trap that we had stuffed in a corner of his room and FLAILING IT ABOUT like spiders were pom-poms stuck to a glue strip on a piece of cardboard. What did his mom do? Grab it for two seconds then just about had a heart attack when she saw the 10-15 spiders and their legs all strewn about.

So I let go and let him keep flailing it. Yeah, I guess I’m that kind of mom.

I then grabbed his hand (not the spider trap) and pried his little fingers off the cardboard one at a time and let the trap fall on the ground. I then carried him out, leaving the trap on the ground where it fell and closed the door until G came home and disposed of it. Yeah. Mom is not a fan of spiders.

On the upside of January, R started eating a lot more food and therefore started sleeping through the night! HOORAY! We finally broke down and got a white-noise machine and I will recommend it to everyone. Knowing he’s sleeping and can’t really hear our movie or TV show or blender (making milkshakes, duh), or microwave (making popcorn, duh) has given me so much peace of mind. No more tiptoeing for the Sutherlands!

R has also started pulling himself up on, well, anything, and is getting used to shuffling his feet one at a time to get himself from one end of the couch to the next. He has no qualms about climbing all over his mom and dad to get to something he thinks he deserves and has started throwing tantrums when we take things away. Hm.

R is also getting extremely talkative! He has started mimicking us when we tell him to say Mama and Dada (which melts our hearts every time, bee-tee-dubs) and he is working on “Hi” and “Ayay” (which is what my little sister was called by our niece before she started using “big girl words”). He loves clapping, being tickled, reaching up to play the piano keys, and getting into anything and everything that he’s not supposed to be getting into.

The adults in our family have started classes again. It’s a LOT less stressful than last semester, and we are thanking our Heavenly Father (and everyone else’s gods, actually) for that. I’m in my capstone class and it’s the last class I will ever take for my undergraduate degree! Hallelujiah! We’re doing a social media campaign for Marriott hotels and it’s been stressful, but actually quite fun to be a part of such a big company!

XOXO, Kyra

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