Pregnancy: 11 Little Things They Don’t Tell You

Being pregnant for the first time comes with a lot of discovery and surprises. Being the marvelous millennial that I am, I did as much research as I could in the early stages of my pregnancy to make sure I knew everything. Ha! Yeah, right. Below are 11 little things I never read about pregnancy but had the joy of discovering on my own! (So far…)

Before the Bump

  1. It’s all over the internet that you’re pretty likely to get what they call “morning sickness.” My thoughts? It’s not just in the morning, one. And two, keep in mind that during that terrible time it’s better to eat something rather than nothingThere are other tips everywhere, and I do recommend you try them out. Just keep eating. You might hate it. But you can do it.
  2. When my baby first moved it freaked me out. It was like there was an alien inside of me! After getting used to it I found a lot of enjoyment grabbing my siblings/family’s hands and putting them on my stomach when Baby would move, just to watch their reactions and laugh! (Little brothers are the best.) Own your pregnancy. Just own it, and life is so much better.
  3. As a pregnant college student, I’ve been told (and I’m realizing) that you don’t have to get everything for your baby! Those cute nurseries on Pinterest contain WAY more than is actually necessary. Remember, they need something to eat, something to wear, somewhere to sleep, and lots of love. (Example: my friend kindly reminded me that the baby doesn’t care if it sleeps in a padded laundry basket or a crib. Either way, Baby sleeps. Just make sure it’s safe…)

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After the Bump

  1. When you’re washing your hands in a public restroom your belly is often at the perfect height to just hang over the counter – and get wet! Actually, it’ll hang over any counter depending on your height. Don’t pull a Kyra and get foundation all over the bottom of your shirt while you get ready in the morning!
  2. Putting your shoes (and socks) on gets to the point of impossible (unless they’re slip-ons). For tennis shoes and boots, I recommend investing in a shoehorn or calling on your hubby’s sympathy.
  3. Getting ready to go and actually getting places takes longer! Budget in some extra time, especially the second half of your pregnancy.
  4. Going along with the tip above, once you get big enough, quickly going up the stairs isn’t an option. Your legs will hit your stomach! (On top of feeling big enough that going anywhere fast is just terrible.)
  5. Once you get around the 30-35 week mark be aware that you won’t be able to bend down and pick things up off the floor. If something falls, be prepared to do the whole squat-and-grab thing because your belly just gets in the way!
  6. This is probably TMI, but going to the bathroom gets a bit more difficult as your tummy grows. It’s not that you can’t sit or anything. It’s because when you’re done and looking to finish up you just…can’t…reach very well. Need I say more? Ugh!
  7. It may seem like a little thing, but after an especially long day, there’s nothing more soothing than to have my husband give me a belly rub. Before I was pregnant I was super ticklish there, but with Baby kicking and stretching all the time, it really does feel good! Try it!
  8. The last thing is just my encouragement to ask questions. I hope by now you’ve developed the skill of taking a lot of information with a grain of salt, applying the things that seem most relevant to your situation. After all of your research if you still have questions, ask other moms. Ask friends or neighbors. Join a forum where questions are asked all the time. If you read something online that makes you nervous, ask your doctor. It’s not their job to tell you every little thing about pregnancy, but it is their job to make sure your pregnancy is healthy and goes as smoothly as possible. Set you and your doctor up for success. It’s easier for them to answer a spoken question than to try and answer the unspoken ones.

I hope these tips help or at least prepare you for the little things that take us all by surprise! Enjoy!

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