10 Things to Do if You’re Bored in the Final Weeks of Pregnancy

You’re 38 weeks along, you just finished your last day of work (for a while anyway), and now it’s time to hurry up and wait. Except, “hurry” is exactly the opposite of what your baby seems to be doing. I, for one, have been bored out of my mind while waiting for the little one to get here, despite being a to-do-lister! Below are some things I’ve done to keep me busy. Maybe some of them will work for you!

Be Productive

    1. Create a music playlist to keep you motivated – Even if I have a list of things I can do, being 40 weeks pregnant at the time of this writing makes it easy to just lay in bed and do nothing, feeling sorry for myself while I watch all the other moms have their babies on time or a little early (totally envious…). Creating an upbeat playlist to get me out of bed has helped a lot!
    2. Get into the nesting spirit – If baby isn’t here yet, now is the time to do those last minute things that will make life easier once your little one gets here. Twenty minutes a day of organizing, cleaning, and last minute shopping might help you avoid some stressful situations once your hands are full. Here’s a post about some things you might want to get done before the baby arrives!
    3. Earn a little money while you’re away from work – This isn’t for everyone. If you worked before you got pregnant (and during) and are planning on going back to work, then working might be the last thing you want to do. In my situation, my husband and I decided that I would quit work altogether so I could stay home with our baby. That being said, young college students aren’t typically wealthy, so I still want to find ways to contribute. Here’s a list of little things I’ve started doing to help us save/earn money a little at a time.
    4. Make some freezer meals – I’ve heard cooking can be tough the first few weeks after you bring home your baby. If you have some time, make some freezer meals now to pull out later.
    5. Try to speed things up yourself – If your baby is late or you’re starting to get antsy, take some time to do what you can to prepare your body for (or help your body get started on) the labor process. Our doctor recommended walking (to help the baby drop into the pelvis) and having sex (to use those prostaglandins to “ripen the cervix”), but here’s a list of some wives tales that many have sworn by. Perhaps they’ll work for you!

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Treat Yourself

  1. Actually do something from Pinterest – We all have those things that we pin for later, hoping that “one day” we’ll have time to try that super cute craft or make those divine cupcakes. If you’re bored, now’s your chance! This baby is currently granting you nothing but time. Try something new, and revel in your accomplishment!
  2. Read the books you’ve had on your shelf for years – I get it, life’s busy. But if you’re reading this because you’re bored, this could be your chance to get caught up! My first few days after finals and after my last day of work consisted of a little organizing and LOTS of reading. It was heaven!
  3. Pamper yourself – Whether this means going to get a pedicure or a hair cut or a facial or whatever, it’s your time, Momma! You’re going to go into labor soon. A treat is well-deserved. As my husband consistently reminds me, “You’re growing an entire baby!” That is no small feat.
  4. Go try that bakery or browse that boutique that you’ve had your eye on – This one is special to me because my husband has Celiac disease. There are quite a few places we don’t go (little hole-in-the-wall cafes and such) because it’s doubtful that they’ll have gluten free options. But sometimes, I just want to go in anyway, you know? So, if you’ve had your eye on a place to go or thing to do, go for it! Some “me time” is absolutely appropriate.
  5. Take a nap – As I’m sure everyone has reminded you, your sleep pattern is about to be disrupted. Take all the time you want to rest and relax. There will be few times in life you have such a perfect excuse to do so!

You’re turn! What are you doing, or what have you done, to pass the time while you’re waiting for your little one? Share in the comments!

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