DIY Dinosaur Feet

I made dinosaur feet today. Yeah. I was at my wit’s end and it wasn’t even four o’clock. G signed up for a swing shift tonight in exchange for last Monday off so I felt a little wrong expecting help from him even though he was working from home. Plus he wasn’t feeling well.

My MIL inherited a gazillion kids’ books a couple of months ago after visiting her family in Idaho and this afternoon I remembered that I had snagged one about kids’ activities. It’s called 365 TV-Free Activities You Can Do With Your Child by Steve & Ruth Bennett. I opened it to the front page and BOOM. Idea #1 popped out at me and I thought, “What the heck! It can’t be worse than all the fighting and whining going on right now.”

Making Dinosaur Feet

dinosaur feet

I actually enjoyed making dinosaur feet, which was a pleasant surprise. What wasn’t a surprise though was that my boys still found things to whine about. ?

This is how I made them:

STEP 1: Find a cardboard box that’s preferably in decent condition, then grab your kid and a pen or pencil.

STEP 2: Place one of their feet on a section of cardboard that has no creases, then roughly trace it, leaving some room to make the feet appear bigger than the child’s (we ARE talking dinosaurs here after all), then free-hand three toes at the top rather than tracing their toes.

STEP 3: Repeat with the other foot, then cut out the footprints (carefully, please, especially if your kids are like mine and love grabbing sharp things).

STEP 4: Poke two holes on the sides of the middle section of each footprint so you can lace a piece of string or cord over the child’s foot to keep it on. See the below pic if that didn’t make any sense.

Where to poke holes on your dinosaur feet.

STEP 5: Use a piece of string, paracord, ribbon, or an actual shoelace to attach the footprints to each child’s foot. I used paracord because it was the first thing I thought of that I knew I had on hand. I just pushed each end through the holes on the bottom of the foot up to the top so I could tie a bow around my son’s foot.

Tie the dinosaur feet onto your child's feet so they can stomp around!

STEP 6: Remind the footprint wearer to keep their feet flat otherwise the cardboard will catch on the floor and get bent (speaking from experience). I reinforced the footprints by taping an extra strip of cardboard onto the bottom. I tried hot glue first but it was a bust. ??‍♀️

The author had the idea to use these footprints outside in the snow. She suggested making them out of hard foam pieces or wood if you really want to get into it. One kid is supposed to make dinosaur tracks and the other kids are supposed to follow them, like a treasure hunt or something.

Anyway, let me know if you give it a try, and what things you do differently! It sure made our last hour before dinner go by in a flash.



How to Make Dinosaur Feet by No Nightlights

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